1. Permanent Remote Working - Post-Covid people are more inclined towards the work-life balance. With remote work and flexible timings, you will be more comfortable in maintaining the same. Work from your home, mountains or the beach (It's your choice).

  2. Flexible Timings - With flexible timings, we mean to assure our candidates that they will not face the micromanagement of logging in at a particular time (it builds trust between two as well). We have no attendance and an abundance of flexibility around your work. As long as you adhere to the deadline - we don't care if you complete your tasks at dawn or dusk.

  3. Rewards based on performance - Rewarding employees demonstrates both respect and appreciation for their efforts.

  4. Annual Office Trips - As we are working remotely it helps colleagues bond with one another and work together towards a common goal through communication, trust, and patience outside of the office (Goa is always on our list).

  5. Learning and growth (even in different technologies) - We at Default believe in constant learning and development. As these are a vital part of anyone's career. At Default, we have panels of subject matter experts for various technologies who constantly guide and plan project-based trainings for young developers who are passionate and hungry for knowledge. We also give opportunities to developers who want to branch out and learn a new technology.